The Scroll Marked I: Today I begin a new life

The Scroll Marked II: I will greet this day with love in my heart

The Scroll Marked III: I will persist until I succeed

The Scroll Marked IV: I am nature’s greatest miracle

The Scroll Marked V: I will live this day as if it is my last

The Scroll Marked VI: Today I will be master of my emotions

The Scroll Marked VII: I will laugh at the world

The Scroll Marked VIII: Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold

The Scroll Marked IX: I will act now

The Scroll Marked X: I will pray for guidance

After many days & months, I think I’ve started reading again. And I was scrolling through the highlighted parts of many books that I’ve read. I have a great habit of marking up & highlighting parts of my books that I read and two people in my life absolutely hate this habit of mine. One is my husband and another one is my best friend. Hahaha! They just hate it! I asked for an answer from them that why they hate highlighting so much, they couldn’t give me a justifiable answer.

Anyhow today I'm writing to save my thoughts and…

We all have heard these words about moving on. And my today’s piece is perspective of what I understand when I hear these words.

For me, moving on means- not going back to the same old experiences which have zero growth contribution for me.

Moving on means- getting better.

Moving on means- forgiving myself for giving myself less than what I deserve.

Moving on means- working for a better future.

Moving on means- evolving.

Moving on means- accepting & loving myself the way I am.

Moving on means- keep going.

Moving on means- taking control over myself.

Moving on means…


Trust me, I know your pain whether you are a startup or an enterprise that is looking for a new developer or team to outsource the development works. Resumes to you will start looking more or less the same since the basics match. And often, it ends with a similar tech stack working experience or the same kind of application development experience with which you can mostly rely upon.

See, there is no right or wrong approach since I won’t be able to give you any stats but what I can do is to share with you what approach has…

Thank you, Dr. Shakila Yasmin mam, Sami Ahmed Bhai, Prof. Sheikh Morshed Jahan Sir, Honorable State Minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Honorable Chair Syed Ferhat Anwar Sir, Distinguished Guests, Honorable Faculties, my fellow ACMP Friends & our superb ACMP Volunteers!

I’m truly honored & humbled to get the opportunity to share my ACMP journey with everyone here today. And before sharing the experience, I’d like to congratulate my fellow friends from Summer 2020 ACMP 4.0 for successfully completing the advanced program. And I’d like to say thank you to IBA, especially Prof. Sheikh Morshed Jahan Sir & Prof. Redhwanul Haq Sir being our lifeline for the program along with ICT Division, BCC & LICT to come up with such an eminent initiative.

I’ve shared several blogs on outsourcing sharing why it’s important to outsource then why you need the right fit for outsourcing your IT and software development services.

Can check my blogs on outsourcing to get a better idea of outsourcing.

Top 3 Reasons Enterprises Outsource Software Development-

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Adultery-Paulo Coelho

After reading Alchemist, if anyone reads Adultery who believes in love & a happily ever after s/he might get highly disappointed. I’ll explain why.

First, let me give you guys a little brief about the book.

This book is about Linda going through her 30s, living in Switzerland with a loving and wealthy husband and their two kids. A professional woman working as a journalist. And in the story as per her- her life is so very perfect, yet she feels boredom and unhappy due to her monotonous life. She is confused if she is depressed or not. Does she need a psychiatrist or not.

One day, she is assigned to interview…

Looking forward I can see businesses that are prepared for the future are offloading data center maintenance and management to the cloud to keep things running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Cloud Services Business team took a closer look at what it takes to keep things ticking over during lockdown.

Even though for many years, people in the IT Industry or independent resources like freelancers have been practicing work from home in limited places. …

“Don’t risk your software to an unknown”

Wait & read till last!

With this search, it is definite that you are making up your mind for outsourcing your IT developments or at least thinking about doing so. And that decision making certainly needs to go with proper research and checklist verification.

Today I’d try to answer this question in the simplest terms possible so that it can clear out any confusion or skepticism you might have regarding finding the right offshore IT outsourcing development partner.

Just remember that outsourcing software development projects are not at all risky if you have the right partner.

There are three categories of outsourcing: In-house: Where you hire developers or resources directly to work within your company; onshore outsourcing: Where you can hire vendors in the same country and can outsource your work to…

We can see tech-enabled enterprises always focus on speed and control. They need speed to get the product launched into the market fast and control is needed to keep costs within budget. Enterprises also put emphasis on resource & capability management. So that altogether they can achieve success quickly & efficiently.

In today’s competitive world it’s essential for enterprises to continuously evaluate and evolve their way of work, so that, their operational business can get the cost-effectiveness and time efficiency to achieve the desired result. …

Farzana Afrin Tisha

IT Business Developer, Digital Marketeer, Traveller, Reader, karateka.@

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