Common misconceptions about cloud technology!

Since I started working with cloud technologies, I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions about the technology not only in Bangladesh but across the globe. And interestingly this misconception continues until people self-learn & get to see the right content on the statements. Cloud is obviously not for every business or for every technological solution. As a business owner or decision-maker, you really need to understand if you can most out of the cloud platform for your business & have considered all the pros & cons of adopting cloud solutions or not. But that’s a different discussion.

Today I’m just going to share what is the misconception you’ll hear most & why it’s only a misconception.

  • I don’t know what the cloud is!
  • The Cloud Is a Fad, and It Won’t Last for a Long Time.
  • Cloud Computing Is Expensive.
  • Cloud Computing Is Not Secure.
  • Cloud Is Not Reliable Enough.
  • The Cloud Will Give Me Limited Control.
  • Cloud Is Not Suitable for Enterprises.
  • Clouds are One-Size-Fits-All
  • Virtualization is the Same Thing as Cloud
  • You Should Run Everything on the Cloud
  • Cloud Improves Business Productivity
  • The Biggest Benefit of Cloud Computing is Lower Costs
  • Building a cloud can take months.
  • You can get stuck in the cloud.
  • Cloud Technology is unreliable… I could lose data!
  • The cloud will affect my compliance.
  • I won’t have time & money to maintain the cloud.
  • The Cloud is too complex.

Now let me share why these are misconceptions.

Cloud technology is simply remote access computing with all the required hardware and software stored in a remote location. That’s internet-based software applications for an individual or businesses. So if you use email, online banking, or social media, you’re already using the cloud knowingly or unknowingly.

Good cloud solution providers take care of most of the aspects of migration, and they will give you all the relevant information and tools to make the process quick and painless usually, this takes only a few days. But there is a but in it, sometimes if the application you are trying to migrate onto the cloud might take a longer time for migration if that application is not cloud-ready. Then your provider needs to change & propose an infrastructure for your application for you to adopt the cloud easily. Then again, that is a journey that requires agility & time and once you are properly onboarded then you get the sweet fruit the way you wanted.

Cloud is a flexible solution for which you only pay for what you use and which gives you more control over your resources, offering the ability to scale up or down on-demand, depending on your needs. All of this is also achievable without investing in new hardware at one go & no need for maintenance as well for the hardware.

Being ‘Stuck’ with a cloud solution provider is a genuine concern for many businesses. There’s a belief that once their application or data is deployed to the cloud environment, businesses will never be able to get it back (or at least, not in the same format). And the truth is that businesses have a lot of options available to avoid being locked in. All good cloud providers offer seamless integration to move data in and out of the cloud easily.

Cloud security got improved in continuous intervals. And in most cases, cloud vendors will have data encryption, functionality, and security procedures that are more stringent and more advanced than those of their clients. A good cloud solution vendor will also employ experts in security and software to protect their greatest assets-their data. Plus, data is much safer when encrypted & in the hands of professionals rather than in-house administrators with no real I.T. expertise. Also, companies can stay stress-free in compliance concerns, because the cloud solution providers keep updating the latest security compliances requirements adhered to different industries.

So you don’t need to worry about the maintenance part of the cloud too if you configure the environment in a manner whereas needed your application can scale up & down & all the automation has been facilitated. The cloud takes care of itself, automating tasks like managing software upgrades and maintaining server equipment for you. And software upgrades happen automatically in the background. Plus, you will have access to new features to support your employees and free up their valuable time. The fact that cloud computing can be deployed on public, private, and hybrid models is another reason why businesses should explore various cloud strategies before jumping on the train to the clouds.

IT managers are most likely to state the opinion that the cloud increases complexity regarding data storage, user access, and other applications. And mostly the reason behind this statement could be a misplaced attachment to their existing in-house processes. The truth on the contrary is cloud has user-friendly dashboards and informative, graphic-rich reporting, etc. that offer even the most technically challenged user opportunities to simplify complex information and processes.

And lastly, Cloud is expensive for those who don’t know how to optimize the platform with the least resources to get the best performance on the cloud. And with optimization only you can cut down 30–90% cost at times. Hence an expert on cloud platform/s with extensive work experience can do an audit of your systems & application, which doesn’t take more than a week to recommend you the optimized solution. And upon integrating those you will shed a significant amount of monthly expense for sure.


I’ll be sharing frequent content for cloud computing & different cloud platforms & use cases from now on. I have a pool of 100+ cloud professionals who are working with Cloud Architecture, Migration, DevOps, Data Engineering, etc. for Startups to Enterprises in the USA, UK, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Japan & Bangladesh.

Feel free to share your insights & comment based on your expertise.

You can also reach out to me for any professional help via DM-ing me over LinkedIn Message or comment box.



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