The Man Who Made Me Who I Am Today!

There’s a saying that- a daddy is a daughter’s first love. And I must agree with this statement, that it is 200% true. He is the first and last man in any daughter/ girls’ life who offers unconditional love. He is that one man who will catch you before you fall, who will let you do your own mistakes so that you can find your own way forward, who will hold you when you cry and will want you to grow tougher to fight this world when it hits you hard and who will believe you even when you would fail to believe in yourself.

My Baba might not be the wealthiest dad but he is my superhero. The very first memory of him with me I can recall is he telling me & my younger sister bedtime stories when we were really young. He used to lay down in between us and used to tell us stories till we fall asleep. It was our daily routine while I was around 2 or 3. My Baba used to tell us stories, recite poems that he already memorized and sometimes would read from books as well. I used to wonder how can he memorized all those stories and poems by heart! And this thought created an impression in me that a father is someone who remembers everything. hahaha…However, fairy tales were our favorite while we were small. And I also remember my father teaching me the basics of drawings at those early days. My baba is an avid reader and also like to draw & sketch. He used to keep journals and used to play instruments (harmonium, keyboard etc.) and he taught me these items growing up.

I also remember crying out loud to my father to put me into the kindergarten. I was around 3 an a half at that time and ma thought it’s quite early. But my baba said — doesn’t matter, she’ll do just fine in school and she’s more than ready. Then one fine winter morning I went to school with my baba. My Ma couldn’t come for the first day because my sister was sick and she knew I’d be ok with baba. I was completely calm and composed and wonderfully passed the first day of school then came back home with chips and chocolates on hand. :)

My baba always encouraged me with outdoor sports including the indoor ones and taught me to play badminton, cricket, football, snakes & ladders, chess, cards etc.. And how cool is that, that from standard one to standard eight we two (me & my baba) used to play badminton on regular basis on weekends?

My baba has never been a fan of private tutors. So he used to give us time after office every day for our studies. Ma used to teach us all the arts subjects whereas baba used to teach us the science ones. I remember I was very good at maths and science because of my father. But there was one irritating point I used to have at that time which though I rejoice now but used to hate- that- my baba would never let me go with just one method to solve a particular math, he used to teach at least 3 to 4 ways. And that sometimes used to get onto my nerves as I was afraid I might miss the night Soap Oprah(Superman, Robocop etc.) for his lengthy teaching periods. My baba could see that rush into our face clearly and even after that wouldn’t let us go until we finish. Crazy times! Hahaha…

I grew up like a complete tomboy for my baba I would say. I can’t remember a single privilege that a boy can get in our society that I hadn’t.

When I was about to finish my eighth grade my younger brother was born. That year I got board scholarship and there was so much joy in the family for the new baby. I saw how my baba used to hold my brother in his arms and I could see the glow on his face that I imagined scattering the same way when he used to hold me when I was little.

Then the time came for choosing science, commerce or arts for grade nine. My baba told me to go with science straight as I did really well in my academics. My scholarship in grade eight and then after SSC board scholarship, made me kind of a proud and lazy student. I did bad on HSC as I didn’t score what my parents expected. My ma was completely shattered and told me — “now what? you’ve just lost the scope for applying for BUET, what will you do now?” I was sad too and I wasted a year almost for trying for the public universities. While the subject I got selected for was not up to the mark according to my baba. So he put me into a private university. I have heard so many comments(positive & negative) after that from my surroundings and at that time my baba just told me to hold myself together and go through it.

I made my first trip and many after that outside the city & the country without my family. And this was only possible for my baba as he never stopped me from living my life. I’ve always explored with my options but always remembered my boundaries. And this was possible for my parent’s upbringing.

Time passed and I got graduated in EEE in 2016. In my convocation, none of my parents could join with me as my younger brother was hospitalized and my family was going through a very rough patch at that time. That day I definitely did hide my tears a little. But also was thinking about how bad my parent's conditions- how bad would they must have been feeling that they couldn’t come to attend their eldest child’s big day?

Then a time came to choose the path for my career and my baba gave this one piece of advice to me-

See girl, I have brought you up, gave you the education you needed. Now it’s time for you to choose the path you want to create. You might fail, you might shine. But whatever happen stay humble and try to help people to your capacity. You are now responsible for the choices you make!

This is the first & last advise about my career or life I would say I got from my baba.

My baba has a huge heart which is pretty uncommon in today’s world. And you might say everyone thinks the same way about their dad. Then hear these few stories I have to say-

It was around 2008 when my dad helped one of his friends with money and after a few months that uncle died unfortunately and my father never asked for that money from his friend’s family ever again. And when my ma asked him about the money he said- how can he ask for the money when his friend is no more. Let me tell you that was a fair amount that my baba let go off and it’s not just one time.

Then it was a memory I can recall from one Friday afternoon back in 2003 while we were playing badminton as of our weekend routine in the front yard of our building. When a bad accident took place and our guard’s daughter who was around 6/7 cut her fingers really bad and almost lost her tip of the index finger into an iron gate. The guard wasn’t there at that time in the spot, in fact, he was out of town, went to the village probably. And his wife was also working on someone else’s house at that time I suppose. There were few people there who could take the girl to the hospital immediately but didn’t. My baba seeing that rushed to the spot and did the first aid for that poor girl first as she was bleeding really bad and then took her to the hospital. The Dr. put a bandage and gave medicines and my baba took care of all of that. And brought the girl home while the mother by that time already came running hearing about her daughter’s accident. That day, I saw a moment of true gratitude the woman showed for my baba.

And here is another memory I must share. One night it was raining very heavily and a storm took place that evening which added up to the raining situation and made it really bad. That night my dad found a black pigeon flew straight to our kitchen window and after getting through the window the pigeon falls off on the floor. It was badly hurt and was soaked with rain. My father loves pigeon and used to pet them growing up. He took care of that pigeon like a human being and give it a shelter for the next two-three days. My younger brother was just six months old at that time. My ma took that as a holy sign. Hahahaha. But what I could see was the kindness that my baba showed to the soul that doesn’t even understand and will surely won’t remember…

I would never say that my baba is a perfect human being. But he is absolutely the most perfect dad in this world.

I’ve never seen my baba cry nether I have seen him fall week before us. He is the person I look up to every day and wish to become each coming day. My father is not super expressive when it’s the matter of showing love but his actions say it all. His care and protection remained as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.

So today on his birthday I am dedicating my blog for my baba. And I have a special message to deliver as well-

“Dear Baba, no matter where I go in life, who I got married to. You will always be the first and number one man I have loved and will love till I die and I would always rejoice those walks we took together, me holding your fingers as a kid. Love you always” -Your little girl.

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